Technology is nonstop

Your Guests Live With Technology. They Rely On Their Devices And You Want To Make Them Feel At Home With Their Tech During Their Stay. But It’s No Easy Feat With Guests Constantly Upgrading Devices And New Smart Technologies Being Introduced.

Navigate this changing landscape to meet your guests needs and make their tech feel at home during their stay. Nonstop has been working both on consumer electronics and with hotel technology for decades. They’re on top of all the new devices and technologies and can help you meet the expectations of all your high-tech and traditional guests. And since Almo understands the hospitality business, we know the unique features that you need to work for your rooms.

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Hoteliers have different goals when it comes to guest engagement. Whether it’s a cool and unique design or promoting F&B, spa or other services, the only limit to the customization options is your imagination.