Samsung Hospitality

We’ll help you create wonderful guest experiences, from the moment they walk through your door to the memories they will take away. Samsung hospitality technology is designed for guest comfort and hotel staff efficiency from check-in to personalized in-room experiences with an at-home feel.

Personalized viewing experience

From streaming to social, guests can easily access their favorite digital services for the same entertainment they enjoy at home.

Cost-saving technology

Almost all Samsung Hospitality TVs provide the brilliance, uniform brightness and energy efficiency of LED technology at a lower cost.

Easy content management

LYNK Reach 4.0 makes it simple to manage multiple TVs, create interactive program guides and deliver important messaging.


Versatile, cost-effective displays with enhanced functionality, designed to elevate traditional in-room screens into multi-functional content centers.

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Convenient all-in-one displays that enable hotels and hospitals to provide expanded interactive guest services with minimal investment.

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4K ultra HD and guest-centric services combine for an unparalleled viewing experience housed in an unrivaled sleek and elegant design.

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A better way to reach your guests

With the LYNK REACH 4.0 content management solution, hotels can use the in-room TV as another customer touchpoint, allowing guests to view a room service menu, weather information, billing information and more from their TV. LYNK REACH 4.0 is fully customizable and can be updated to feature your hotel’s unique branding.

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