Exertis Almo Installation Services

Whether you're focused on selling boxes, free-to-guest content subscriptions or you’re providing customers with an end-to-end solution in cable TV, digital signage or all things encompassing low voltage, installation services is either something most resellers struggle with or try to avoid. Exertis Almo’s new Hospitality Installation Services can help take the hassle out of dealing with large quantities of guest room TV rollouts and grow your business to boot!

Attend this session to learn 3 takeaways you can immediately put to work in your business:

1. What are the differences between MEET THE TRUCK and WHITE GLOVE service offerings and when to use each?

2. How installation + project management experience combined with proven methods keep costs in check, improve profits and allow you to focus on other priorities important to growing your business.

3. How partnering with Exertis Almo Installation Services strengthens customer relationships and loyalty, and uncovers new opportunities.

Presented by Autumn Stevens, CEO & Jon Bartholomew, CFO of Steven's Digital, Exertis Almo Installation Services partner for hospitality.

Webinar Info:
  • Wednesday, February 15, 2017
  • 12:00 AM - 12:30 AM
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