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Barco - RLM W12 Lamp 400W
Model: R9801087 MSRP: $825.00
  • Lamp Life: 1000 Hour
  • Lamp Life: 1200 Hour
  • Lamp Power: 400 W
Barco - HDX HiPER Lamp 2.5 KW + House
Model: R9801173 MSRP: $7620.00
  • Lamp Power: 2500 W
  • Compatibility: <b>Barco Projectors:</b><br /> <ul> <li>HDX-4K12</li> <li>HDX-4K14</li> <li>HDX-4K20 FLEX</li> <li>HDX-W12</li> <li>HDX-W14</li> <li>HDX-W18</li> <li>HDX-W20 FLEX</li> </ul>
  • Perfect for indoor presentation purposes in low light.
Model: R9801175 MSRP: $4280.00
  • Compatibility: <b>Barco Projectors:<br /></b> <ul> <li>HDX-4K12</li> <li>HDX-W20 FLEX</li> <li>HDX-4K14</li> <li>HDX-4K20 FLEX</li> <li>HDX-W12</li> <li>HDX-W14</li> <li>HDX-W18</li> </ul>
  • Equipped with a 2500W bulb lamp, the HDX HiPer Lamp House set ensures superior performance.
  • The Barco’s projector lamp is designed for indoor presentation purposes taking place in low light.
Barco - 220W Replacement Lamp (For CVHD-31B)
Model: R9801265 MSRP: $640.00
  • Lamp Power: 220 W
  • Lamp Technology: UHP
  • Compatibility: <b>Barco Projectors:</b><br><ul><li>CVWU-31B</li><li>Cineo20</li><li>Evo22sx+</li><li>F20 series</li><li>F2 series</li><li>Evo2sx+</li><li>Avielo Prisma</li><li>Action M20</li><li>F21 series</li><li>Cineo22</li><li>CVHD-31B</li><li>F22 s...
Barco - 250W Replacement Lamp (F3)
Model: R9801269 MSRP: $700.00
  • Lamp Power: 250 W
  • Lamp Technology: UHP
  • Compatibility: F3 series Projector
Barco - 300W Replacement Lamp (F1+, F10, F12)
Model: R9801270 MSRP: $640.00
  • Lamp Power: 300 W
  • Lamp Technology: UHP
  • Compatibility: <b>Barco Projectors:</b><br><ul><li>F12 series</li><li>F10 series</li><li>Cineo10</li><li>F1 series</li></ul>
Barco - OEM Infrared Lamp For MPN: R9801271
Model: R9801271 MSRP: Call for Price
  • Lamp Power: 300 W
  • Lamp Technology: UHP
  • Weight (Approximate): 4 lb
Barco - 300W Replacement Lamp (for CRXX/CNXX/F32/F35)
Model: R9801272 MSRP: $700.00
  • Lamp Power: 300 W
  • Lamp Technology: UHP
  • Compatibility: <b>Barco Projectors:</b><br><ul><li>Cineo35 2.5k</li><li>FL33 series</li><li>CRWQ-62B</li><li>Avielo Optix</li><li>Cineo30</li><li>CNWU-61B</li><li>CNHD-81B</li><li>F35 series</li><li>CRPN-62B</li><li>CRWQ-72B</li><li>F30 series</li><li>...
Barco - 350W Replacement Lamp (For CTXX and F50 Series)
Model: R9801309 MSRP: $740.00
  • Lamp Power: 350 W
  • Lamp Technology: UHP
  • Compatibility: <b>Barco Projectors:</b><br><ul><li>F50</li><li>CTWU-61B</li><li>CTHD-61B</li><li>CTWQ-51B</li><li>CTPN-41B</li></ul>
Barco - RLM W14 Lamp (465W)
Model: R9801343 MSRP: $1140.00
  • Lamp Power: 465 W
  • Compatibility: <b>Barco Projectors:</b><br><ul><li>RLS-W12</li><li>RLM-W14</li></ul>
  • Barco’s projector offers 14,500 lumens light output and a 3-chip DLP technology for the best graphics.
Barco - RLM W6 Lamp HI PERF (280W PIVP)
Model: R9832749 MSRP: $520.00
  • The Barco’s RLM projector series offers complete compatibility with the RLM W6 HI PERF Lamp [280W PIVP].
  • Barco's RLM projectors offer stunning and crisp image quality with the help of the inbuilt 3-chip DLP technology.
  • With the RLM Commander software, controlling the RLM is easy and efficient so that your meetings and conferences do not have to wait.
Barco - RLM W8 Lamp (V8 - 330W PIVP)
Model: R9832752 MSRP: $670.00
  • Lamp Life: 1500 Hour
  • Lamp Power: 280 W
  • Compatibility: Barco RLM W8 DLP Projector
Barco - S Lamp 350W
Model: R9832772 MSRP: $1010.00
  • Lamp Power: 350 W
  • Compatibility: Barco MSWU-81E DLP Projector
  • Compatible Device Technology: DLP
Barco - OEM Dual Lamp For MPN: R9841100
Model: R9841100 MSRP: $1820.00
  • Lamp Life: 1500 Hour
  • Lamp Power: 200 W
  • Lamp Technology: UHP
Barco - OEM Lamp For MPN: R9842807
Model: R9842807 MSRP: Call for Price
  • Lamp Life: 6000 Hour
  • Lamp Power: 132 W
  • Compatibility: <p>Barco OV-713 DLP Projection Module</p>
Barco - Safety Kit and Training (Required to buy 'Bare Bulbs' and do own refurbi
Model: R9854425 MSRP: $5400.00
  • Compatibility: <b>Borco Projectors:</b><br><ul><li>HDX-W20 FLEX</li><li>HDF-W22</li><li>HDX-W18</li><li>HDX-W12</li><li>HDF-W26</li><li>HDF-W30 FLEX</li><li>HDQ-2K40</li><li>HDX-W14</li><li>FLM-R22+</li></ul>
Barco - OEM Lamp For MPN: R9854537
Model: R9854537 MSRP: Call for Price
Barco - FLM HD18 Lamp Bulb Ushio 3000W
Model: R9863005 MSRP: $3000.00
  • Lamp Power: 3000 W
  • Lamp Technology: Ushio
  • Compatibility: <p><b>Barco Projector:</b></p> <ul> <li>HDF-W22</li> <li>HDF-W26</li> </ul>
Barco - OEM Refurbished Lamp For MPN: R9864100
Model: R9864100 MSRP: Call for Price
  • Lamp Life: 1000 Hour
  • Lamp Power: 2500 W
  • Lamp Technology: Xenon