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Guest room technology that makes your guests feel right at home.

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Exertis Almo Nonstop Solutions

Technology Is Nonstop

Your guests live with technology -- and keeping up with frequent device upgrades and new smart technologies is essential.

With Nonstop's innovative consumer electronics and hotel technology, it's easy to navigate the ever-changing landscape to meet guests' needs and make their devices feel at home. Nonstop products are designed with guest satisfaction in-mind, featuring Qi Fast Wireless Charging, dual USB ports, and a wide assortment of other guest-friendly features. By prioritizing safety and reliability in their technology, Nonstop products are equipped with security features to minimize maintenance.

Nonstop innovative consumer electronics

Create a Lasting Impression with Custom Colors & Custom Messaging

Promote your services or display unique branding with custom messaging and colors. Nonstop focuses on decor-driven design in their innovations, allowing you to develop designs that are as one-of-a-kind as your brand.

Nonstop Station A Environmental
Nonstop Station C USB-C
Nonstop Station O Lifestyle
Nonstop Station E Top Table

The Line Up

Nonstop Station A

Station A

Nonstop Station C

Station C

Nonstop Station E

Station E

Nonstop Station O

Station O

Nonstop Station W

Station W

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