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We're here to connect you with LG's extraordinary innovations that create an unforgettable guest experience in a wide array of applications.

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Unleash the Future of Hospitality with LG

Welcome to LG’s hospitality solutions, where innovation fosters unforgettable guest experiences. Explore how LG revolutionizes outdoor spaces, optimizes public areas, and redefines in-room entertainment. Discover the extraordinary with LG today.

Guest-Room TVs

Elevate your guest rooms and set a new standard of entertainment. Provide guests with a personalized and powerful viewing experience, offering access to a wide range of entertainment options and streaming services. The sleek, feature-rich displays offer exceptional visuals, immersive sound, and smart functionality. With LG, provide personalized messaging to individual guest room TVs, push real-time information like weather, hotel events, and guest amenities, and streamline in-room activities, such as check-out, in-room dining, and program selection. Guests can also be provided with smart apps to keep them connected to family, friends, and business associates. With LG’s in-room TVs, guests can unwind and indulge in their favorite content from the comfort of their room, ensuring a relaxing and memorable stay.

LG Guest Room Solutions

Public Spaces

Inform, engage, and delight your guests as they explore your venue’s public spaces. LG's digital signage and vibrant TVs offer versatile solutions that allow you to display captivating content, promotions, and important information in a visually appealing way. From lobbies and conference rooms to bars and restaurants, create an atmosphere that reflects your ambiance and keeps guests informed and entertained.


In today’s competitive hospitality industry, captivating your guests’ attention and creating memorable experiences is key. With LG’s cutting-edge entertainment solutions, you can transform your venues public spaces into engaging hubs of entertainment that leave a lasting impression. Whether it’s a bustling lobby, a vibrant bar, or a relaxing lounge, LG TVs enhance the atmosphere and keep guests entertained for their entire stay.

LG Entertainment Solutions


Deliver important information and aid in wayfinding with LG's interactive digital displays. Provide busy travelers with news and weather forecasts, which can be conveniently displayed in common areas such as lobbies and lounges. The ability to quickly change content on digital displays makes updating and editing information easy, ensuring that your content stays fresh and relevant. Digital signs and wayfinding displays make it easy to point guests in the right direction, especially around large properties. With interactive touchscreens and digital kiosks throughout the property, guests can feel assured that they are always receiving helpful information.

LG Informative Solutions


Designed to withstand various weather conditions, these durable displays also deliver stunning visual quality and immersive audio, transforming any outdoor space into an entertainment oasis. Whether your venue is hosting a lively sporting event on a rooftop bar or creating a relaxing ambiance on an outdoor patio, LG displays ensure a captivating viewing experience. With lightweight designs, weatherproofing, and a multitude of sizing possibilities, LG provides a variety of installation options that blend seamlessly into existing environments.

LG Outdoor Solutions
LG is The Proven Hospitality Industry Leader

The Proven Hospitality Industry Leader

LG is the industry leader in hotel and guest-centric display solutions and provides a portfolio with products specifically designed for hotels along with world-class service and support.

LG offers Innovative Products for Hotels of Any Tier

Innovative Products for Hotels of Any Tier

LG provides a wide range of digital displays with commercial-grade durability, from industry-leading interactive guest-room TVs to desktop monitors, wayfinding displays, large-format displays, breathtaking video walls and revolutionary LG OLED displays.

LG Pro:Idiom


Pro:Idiom is an encryption technology developed by LG for the protection of high-definition digital television and Video on Demand (VoD) signals. Proven to be secure, this end-to-end encryption works seamlessly within any property's network, allows for centralized control, and can eliminate the need for Set-Top boxes.

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LG offers Integrated Solutions & Remote Management

Integrated Solutions & Remote Management

LG’s Pro:Centric® for guest-room TVs and webOS for signage software platforms ensure quick integration throughout the property, easy creation of custom content and complete display management from a centralized location.

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Ultra-Luxury Sinclair 'Smart Hotel' Outfits Every Guest Room with LG OLED TVs

Ultra-Luxury Sinclair "Smart Hotel" Outfits Every Guest Room with LG OLED TVs

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